Rhun has never been to the beach before. We took him today. He loved it! Here's a few pictures, because... well... a picture speaks more than words!


I've been dieting for 12 days now and so far I have lost 4.4lb.

I usually prefer takeaway Pizza... I cooked at home today.. does that count as the healthy option??
I totally suck at this diet stuff! There is greens though..... does that count???

I did an update last Sunday and I had lost 3.8lb. I've not done so great this week and I have had a few days where I've done nothing but comfort eat... well.. I'm hoping to see a huge improvement by this time next week. I already feel a lot slimmer, my smaller jeans fit me better and I've now got the motivation to carry on eating healthy and doing squats on a night.

 (I say eating healthy... does drinking count, cause I errrrr... just opened a bottle of Prosecco....????)

Diet resumes tomorrow in that case!!!!!!


This morning I managed to pick up some Yankee Candle goodies! You either hit jackpot or see naff all I've found. I picked up this Yankee Candle votive holder for 50p and this slightly damaged Yankee Candle tart for 10p. That's not so bad when I'm a burner :) Quite happy with those two.

As a lot of you are probably aware, Carhartt is a US based clothing company that focuses on workwear. They have an outstanding reputation for having top quality clothing that is very durable. This 'Chase' jumper below retails brand new at around £70. We managed to pick this one up which has very minimal wear for .... wait for it..... 50p!!! We would have quite happily paid an extra few quid, obviously! Probably one of the best car boot bargains... to date...? 


These little gadgets come in handy all the time at my house. I managed to pick up this one which was brand new for 20p! I actually got it from the same stall I picked up the Yankee Candle tart for 10p :)

Only a few small finds today, the car boot is actually on tomorrow too because it's bank holiday but we are giving tomorrow a miss.

Not a bad day :) 


WOW... So we reached 1000 Views Last Thursday, 2000 Views on Monday and 3000 Views today (Friday!) .... it probably could have been more but I haven't posted much these past few days because I've not been well... but it doesn't mean I don't still check!

Thank you to every single one of you who reads my blog posts and shares on social media, it's much appreciated! :) 

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday what ever you get up to, STAY SAFE! X
The Tommee Tippee (why so many duplicate letters?!?!) Explora Blender is a great appliance to have in the kitchen when you have a little one. I managed to pick up this blender for £2.50 at a charity shop a few months back. They retail at £19.99 although you can pick them up cheaper on the likes of Ebay and gumtree etc.

This is very handy for me as Rhun was on super smooth puree for so long everything had to be a super smooth consistency or he just would not entertain it. It has a pulse action and two speed settings so you are in total control. It's such a small device it doesn't take up any counter/worktop space at all. It's extremely easy to take apart and clean too which is always handy.

It's such a small device and does the job you need it to do. I've had no issues with it and I wouldn't wish it were 'Bigger, quieter, different colour' because it does exactly what it says on the tin and I don't actually think I would change anything. It blends things in next to no time - literally seconds, it's easy to clean and even though I purchased mine second hand from a charity shop, they are reasonably priced retailing at £19.99.

Perfect! I'm happy with this purchase, I'll definitely recommend it to other people who are on the weaning game :)

Here's the link  - Amazon check out the specifications and new lower price of £14.99 :)
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On a daily charity shop rumble a few days ago, Rhun started shouting 'Dog, Dog, Dog'.... and pointing towards a small pink and grey dog on the shelf. It was a cute little patterned dog and actually matches my newly decorated kitchen! 

They retail online between £10-£25 - I picked this up for £1.49 with Original tags (which Rhun kindly ate on the way home!)... it looks lovely in my kitchen :) 


As a lot of you know, because of Rhun's issues with eating, he still has super smooth puree from pouches - Mainly Ella's Kitchen (because they're our fave!). We came across these in Home Bargains today, they are boxes of x4 pouches which are usually between 80p-£1.10 a pouch. We picked up a box of 4 pouches today for an absolute bargain price of 69p! So we stocked up and got about 6 boxes as he has these as snacks throughout the day.

We have never seen them before, then I realised they had a 'NEW' banner on the front - probably the reason I hadn't seen them before, probably also the reason why they were on special offer. I spend an absolute fortune on the Ella's Kitchen pouches for Rhun, they can be so expensive... but he loves the Greek Style Yoghurt pouches and I often feed him the smaller pouches of Prunes for breakfast if he's got a little tummy ache.

We'll see what he makes of these :)

I'm quite proud of this find :)


I picked up this black roller blind from Wilkos yesterday. They've been discontinued now which means I picked it up for a bargain price of... £1 - you can't really grumble at that. I don't even know where I am going to put it, I'm sure I'll find a home for it but for that price I couldn't leave it there!

It will come in handy somewhere :)


So me and the smaller one have had a pretty laid back day today, we haven't left the house and we've had a PJ day. We both came down with stinking colds yesterday morning and feel absolutely shocking. Lots of nuggies, ninnies and kisses laid on the sofa watching Cbeebies. I did managed to hoover and clean the cooker though, wasn't a complete waste of a day, although I am aching something chronic!

I went through all my Yankee Candles and tried to find one that I could actually smell, in the end we went for Bermuda Beach from the Simply Home range. It's one of my favourite and it's pretty strong, well, I could smell it and I've not been able to smell anything since yesterday!

So at least the house smells nice..

Hope we feel back to normal tomorrow, this headache is starting to make me feel very nauseous. 
I didn't realise how gammy my cooker was near the small buttons until I got in there with a toothbrush, eww makes me want to start cleaning it properly once a week! I used white vinegar and a hard toothbrush to get in all the nooks and crannies. It's always the last thing I clean, even when I do clean it I only really clean the hob and maybe the door (If small fingers have touched it!).

Looks so much cleaner and shiner now - success... and it only took me 15 minutes! 

I love it when things shine! 
Still a few more coats on the cupboards so they aren't patchy but we are getting there! I am so relieved the tile painting is done.. WORST JOB EVER!

I've blinged up my kitchen cupboards!

 You can buy bling strips from Home Bargains for 49p and they come as 2m strips. I used 4m worth and got some glue for £1. It's most certainly spruced them up a little!

I'm so excited for my kitchen to be finished now. This tile paint is taking forever!


WOW! We managed to hit 1000 views on Thursday, It's now 1:30am Tuesday morning and we have just exceeded 2000 views! Massive thank you to each and every one of you who has visited this blog and read these blog posts, It's appreciated, it really is :) 

Here's another happy picture so you can see how happy we are :) 

So, I just noticed I haven't actually done any posts on previous self portraits... here it is!