Ok the photo doesn't do this justice! I LOVE IT!

Picked it up for £3.99 and it's from H&M... so sparkly...

This is going to be one of the quickest reviews I've written on this blog. Pretty much boils down to the fact that this wax tart is a complete shambles. It has zero throw unless you have your head right above your burner - and we all know how dangerous that could be. I was so let down with this fragrance, absolutely shocked at the throw. I expected a strong, bold fragrance with matching throw - just like the picture, name and colour suggests to me. Anyway, this was the lightest throw I've ever had from a Yankee, that light I had to check several times to see if my burner was actually on or not! Not cool Yankee, sort it out! I could literally only smell that waxy smell you get sometimes... not a particularly nice smell but that's all I got. I didn't pick up any of the woody notes or vanilla.

Maybe it's just my nose ... or maybe it's known for it's very light throw... Let me know if you've tried this please! 

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 3
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 2
Would I purchase again? - No

                       Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
A relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness—it spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom.

Click the link below to be taken to the image - 
Youtube Video
Enjoy :)

Today I thought I'd review this moisturiser. I've been using this for a very long time now (years!) and it's a holy grail product for me. Here's the description of the product before we start.....

Moisturises skin prone to eczema for 24 hours. Regular use helps prevent dryness and irritation caused by skin dehydration. Suitable for use on any part of the body, especially extremely dry patches of skin.
Fragrance and paraben free.


Aqua, Glycerin, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Palmitate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Allantoin, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina, Stearyl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Benzyl Alcohol.

I remember first trying this product when my doctor had to change my daily moisturiser as I'd began reacting to it. I wasn't excited to try ANOTHER product, with skin as sensitive as mine you don't really get excited about trying new products, mainly down to the fear that you'll react to it. He gave me a small bottle and said see how you get on with it.

I used it behind my knees to start with for a few days and I remember being in total shock as I couldn't believe how much it had cleared up my inflamed, cracked, sore skin overnight.

It's literally like magic in a bottle. I use this morning and night without fail.. It doesn't burn, itch or sting like I find a lot of moisturisers do. I even use this on Rhun for heat rash/nappy rashes and it clears up the skin literally overnight. Couldn't recommend anything more than this.

It's a nice creamy consistency and it's easily absorbed, it doesn't feel tacky or greasy in any way. I love this so much!

You can purchase Aveeno creams and shower gels from most chemists and drug stores, it's available on prescription as well.

10/10 from meeeeeeeeeeeee! 
I chose this tart to burn yesterday because summer is upon us and I wanted something to compliment the current weather. It smells just like strawberry ice cream, so sweet, refreshing but unfortunately not edible! It's a pretty light throw on cold but you can still smell how good it is. I don't think I've had a tart that's stronger on cold throw than warm throw, so maybe it's a first. It's such a pretty pastel pink colour and the picture on the front is lovely.
 You can smell the subtle berry notes and cream, the cream smells lush! It didn't really do much when burning in my living room so it may be better for a smaller room or it would suit those who prefer the more subtle of scents. Unfortunately for me I prefer the stronger scents but this is still bang on with the notes... it smells gorgeous!

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 3
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 2
Would I purchase again? - No

 Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
Yum … an absolutely luscious treat of plump, sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream.

Ok, so this confused the absolute shit out of me. I don't really try many new products as my skin seems to react to everything these days. I've been using Cussons Carex Moisture Plus shower cream for about 8 years now and refuse to shower with anything else. I also use the same stuff in the hand gel too. 

Anyway, went to stock up a few days ago and couldn't find it - I could just see new designed bottles with different colours - not the old style bottle I was used to... 


It's taken me a week to realise this - I've asked store assistants, and checked through and compared the ingredients of both bottles.. Then got told to compare the barcodes - if they're the same then the product is the same just different packaging... I totally understand they're called the same thing but I was worried the ingredients had changed. 

I actually panicked

Panic over. 

about what shower cream I was to use in the future if the formula had changed! I do like the new look though - it looks smart! 


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It only seemed like two minutes ago that we reached the 10k mark, we have now (today) gone above and beyond the 14k mark - that's crazy business! Thank you all that's amazing :) I'm sorry things have been a bit quiet from time to time - you guys know the current health situation it's completely exhausting me out. 

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It's a shame they don't do the blood cleaning.... 
Remember the fairy door we purchased from Home Bargains for 99p last week? It's now sat in the kitchen as that's the only child safe place we could think of... for now! We don't have anywhere suitable outside but it looks great in the kitchen because well.... the kitchen is pink.. fairy door is also pink.. aww what a perfect match! I'd like to get a few more and get creative with them, I've seen some really cool ideas on Google... I'll get my thinking cap on. 
So I decided it was time to write a little review on this place... I mean.. me and Rhun practically live there. He absolutely loves it and for me, well it's nice to have some peace and quiet for five minutes whilst he's burning off some energy and having fun! Not to mention the amazing menu they have there.... and those burgers.... I totally need Ultimate Chicken Stacker REHAB!

Located on Gobowen Road in Oswestry is Fantastic Funhouse, a fantastic soft play centre situated within the beautiful grade two listed building formally the Cambrian Railway works.

Parents can relax in the fully furbished coffee shop, there really is something for everyone.

Fantastic Funhouse is Shropshires biggest and best indoor playcentre with three play frames, one for the babies, one for under 5's and one for the older kiddies. It has it's own enclosed football pitch with basket ball hoops, it's own go-kart track, a Playstation zone for the older kids. nerf wars, climbing wall and much more, I mean... just take a look at the place...

They host 'Nerf Parties' - I actually photographed the party above - it's such a thrill for the kids... even the adults will love that one!

Remember my post about Rhun meeting Peppa Pig? Yep... same place! :) Minions, Elsa... so much to keep the kids entertained at parties!

 Here's a shot of the under 5's play area. Rhun has now mastered how to climb around the track and dive into the ball pool! 
 Overlooking the under 5's play area on the left the party room on the right and the play area for the older kids ahead. 
Here's the babies play area, with the go kart track behind, followed by the football pitch, followed by more seating and a disco/sensory room!

Slide in the soft play area

 Football pitch with basket ball hoops :)
 Go Karts and track
Brand new trampolines which went in last week!

The great climbing wall...

Playstation zone for the older kids...

Can you  now see why we spend a lot of time there? Rhun goes to have fun... I go for the food! No joke, the food is fantastic, served quickly as well, caters for everyone! This place has definitely been a life line for me when Rhun has far too much energy... The best bit is, he won't outgrow it! Friendly staff and a great place to meet up with friends.

5* From Us! 

Thank you Emma for the pictures! :)

Be sure to check them out!

And to find out more about any of the parties they hold get in contact with them -



Tel: 01691 655515

WOW a huge thanks to everyone who has visited this blog and not only let me reach beyond 10k views but we have also just reached our 200th blog post!


Thank you for all your support! 

I'd say this was probably one of the more subtle Yankees I've tried over the years. I couldn't smell any of the citrus or warm amber the only thing I could smell was a very subtle vanilla  smell which didn't seem to linger. It was almost like it was there one minute and gone the next.. then 20 minutes later you'd smell it again. It's a very light throw and didn't do much in my living room what so ever, even with me sat right next to my electric burner. I was expecting more from this scent. I was expecting a super comforting, fresh, homely scent... all I could smell was a very light dash of vanilla.

If you prefer the lighter scents - this is for you. 

Not impressed with the throw or scent on this one.. it seems lacking and almost absent.

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 2
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 3
Would I purchase again? - NO

                      Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:

Wrapped in sweet dreams a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.

I spotted these yesterday in Wilkos.... ANOTHER scent for the Lenor Unstoppables line... To be honest, I won't be trying this one as from a quick squeeze and sniff of the lid these were not my cuppa tea - Lavender.... it makes me sneeze!

Anyway, I love the bottle design, looks pretty cool. Have you tried these? What do you think to them? 


It's a refreshing scent but not too overpowering it's more of a subtle scent. It's a warming, clean comforting scent that makes reminds me totally of towels straight out of the tumble dryer. Clean, fresh and a slight smell of 'clean washing' (note - I don't mean a strong detergent smell either!) - more light fabric softener.

It wasn't very strong on cold sniff, probably around a 5 and I could actually smell the lemon notes on cold. Whilst burning I could definitely smell the apple and lily - I'm not sure I could even smell lavender. IT didn't fill the room like I thought it would so this is a burner for a smaller room not a large one.

Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 5
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 5
Would I purchase again? - YES

                      Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
The fresh scent of clean towels warm from the dryer with notes of lemon, apple, lavender and lily.
Just a few essentials I picked up from Sainsbury's....

Smoothie maker was £16 PRICE PAID £8
Windmill was £1.50 PRICE PAID 50p
Garden Fork was £4 PRICE PAID £1
Pink garden gloves were £6 PRICE PAID £2.50

Cruzer Blade Flash drive was £12 PRICE PAID £6
SD card was £7 PRICE PAID £3.99


Super smoothies and yes I do mean SUPER... 

These smoothies are packed full goodies. And they don't taste no where near as bad as they look either!

The one below is one of my favourite it's of yoghurt at the bottom, then the actual smoothie is a mix of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and it tastes so good with the added yoghurt! Takes 2 minutes to make Youtube Video Here

 Here's spinach, banana and blueberries! Rhun had this for his breakfast this morning, he LOVES spinach!

Ok so, I sort of ran into a problem a few weeks ago and noticed something had been eating a lot of my flowers. I was far from amused, as you would be!

I never caught any slugs in action so never did anything about it... but then it got worse! 

Ok, so... the past week I have had none of my flowers eaten at... here's what I've been doing.

1) Putting salt around the base of the flower pots


2) Spraying the outside of the flower pot with slug repellent

These also work for those pesky ants too! I've had that problem on my hands too....

All happy again...

Anyway, it's kept my plants and flowers safe so far so I'm happy... try it and let me know if it's saved your plants from getting eaten! :) 
Wilkos had yet again even more goodies on their clearance/reduced to clear section today. Rhun already has a few of these First Blox so I decided to pick up a few more whilst they were a great bargain price, that obviously I couldn't resist.

I paid £2 for the play mat which was meant to be £4
£1 for the set of 4 figures
£1.50 for the farmyard set which I think was

It doesn't show what they were on the receipt so I can't say exact pricing but I think they were all half price.

I mentioned I got Rhun some glow in the dark stars for his bedroom in my previous Wilkos haul - well today I picked up a few more packs for 75p and completely covered his room, it looks sooo cool!

Not that he needs any more toys but hey, a bargains a bargain!

These fairy doors are so cute, I got this from Home Bargains for 99p! I can't wait to start making a fairy garden, there's so many ideas online and so much inspiration. Why don't you grab one and let the kids create a fairy garden this summer :)

This Yankee sits in the 'Fresh' category, although and that's a massive although... I think it should be in the 'Fruit' category. It's incredibly fruity and doesn't come across as a fresh scent. I mean it's fresh fruity but not sickly fruity - if that makes any sense.

This was burning for about 10 minutes in the burner and I could already smell it so well, it filled my living room quite easily. It smells of pineapples and mangoes but to me doesn't remind me of a 'Sunset Breeze'... It is a warmer scent but smells nothing like I thought it would. The orange wax reminds me of fruit too. The throw is good, I just think it sits in the wrong category.

It's got a pretty decent kick to it. Very punchy !

                                                            Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 7
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 9
Would I purchase again? - YES

Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:
Take an evening stroll on a beach, with scents of tropical fruits moving on the breeze, back and forth, just like the surf.
I couldn't put my finger on what was different about these bottles.... It's the font of the text, Lenor seem to have wanted a change... I like it! Looks smarter.... The product hasn't changed, just the bottle designs.... Did you notice?

I decided that this year, and I mean this year... (I say this every year, but I do mean it this time!) I am going to enter a few of the domestic show classes at Mirfield Show. I have covered this show for 5 years now as Official Photographer this year will be my 6th year and I absolutely love it. It's my favourite event of the year and it's so nice to be able to catch up with old friends too.

I'd like to enter some of the baking and craft classes....
Just so you all know -

1) I can't cook for shit.
2) If I can't cook then I can't bake...
3) The way I'm going I'll probably eat my entries
4) I've only just learnt how to thread a needle

Check out this link below and let me know what you think I should enter :)

I picked up these two sewing patterns today for 99p each... not bad considering the Simplicity patterns vary from £6 and upwards! I actually bought some patterns last month which stung me of close to £10 each... oh well you win some you lose some... Better get my sew on hadn't I...

It's amazing what you can find in charity shops if you dig around and check the baskets and shelves properly..

Look at these colourful little creatures I picked up in Morrisons.. even better that they were reduced. I think (I've lost the receipt!) I paid around 35p for the pot friends, £1.50 for the frog and 75p for the welly planter.... not bad if you ask me.... and they brighten the garden up :) I only went in for milk....

Check out these little goodies I got today whilst in town. 31p each for a pack of 8 coat hangers... they say children's hangers yet they aren't far off the adult sized coat hangers?

 Also picked up a few packets of these glow in the dark stars for Rhun :) these were only 50p each

I love Wilkos... it's like my favourite shop... EVER. Always bargains to be found..

This is such a fresh scent to burn at this time of the year. It's nice and sweet but fresh at the same time - not overpowering though which I thought it would be just by the look on the picture. I thought it would be a very strong headache inducing floral burn but it's a light sweet fresh scent and together with a sweet cider it was a perfect combination. I highly rate this one... it surprised me! It was a medium throw in my large living room but was obviously stronger when I burnt it in my kitchen as that room is half the size. It's still got a great throw regardless. I think if it was any stronger it would ruin the crisp scent it brings.

                                                            Down to the serious stuff -
Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 7
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 7
Would I purchase again? - YES

Here is the scent description from the Yankee Candle website:Like a walk in the garden with sunlight spilling over all the golden colors—a remarkably bright scent of sweet blossoms.