For those (like myself) completely obsessed with Lenor Unstoppables...


I spotted these but haven't seen any other fragrances, just the one in giant version. I really hope they bring out 'bliss' in giant bottles!

I don't think £8 is actually such a bad price for a bottle this large, it's nearly as big as Rhun!

 It really did. Spew city. 

Rhun had it for 9 days... thankfully I only had it 5 days. That's the worst bug I've ever had though, I lost a stone in 5 days...  

Hence my absence .... 

Rhun had his turn for 9 days.. we had a day off and then I came down with it.. 

He's also teething :( 

It wasn't fun.. what so ever :( Glad we are over it. 


We've had to start wrapping up... the cold long, dark nights are just around the corner... I love it! Time to dig out the winter jackets, hats and gloves...


Got a fair few bits from Wilkos this week....

A fair amount of the sewing supplies for 10p each, can't not get them for that price.. 

Ooh, and todays haul.. soooo many goodies..

We ALWAYS buy these nappies... £1.25? I'll have the lot.. thanks! 

 Oooooh I'm excited to try this one, I've read good reviews about it, so you'll see my own review soon :)

Got this... well.. just because..

I've always been curious as to how these hair donuts actually work... well.. I'll give it a try.

More smellies.. YAY 

Going to make some halloween goodies... I've never had a go at cake pops... 

This candle smells sooooo goood! I wish I'd have got more than one now... Can't wait to burn it and review it. 

WOW... I have fallen in love with this plug in. It's such a strong floral trio that kills bad odours instantly. I could smell this within 5 minutes of it been plugged in. It's so fresh and smells amazing, it fills large spaces easily and with it been a trio you don't get bored of the scents as they are all slightly different but all so fresh.

I don't really tend to go for floral scents as they aren't usually my cuppa tea, I always sway towards the fresh scents/clean linen/cottons as they remind me of clean washing, and we all know how much I love clean washing.

Anyway, highly rate this product... LOVE.. Shall be buying again for definite. So if you are looking for a strong way to eliminate smells and bad odours, or you just like strong scents, try this :)

Discover the beauty of southeast Asia with Thai Orchid fragrance, an unique blend of exotic flowers in which orchids embody the delicate balance and harmony of nature. Ambi Pur 3Volution plug in air fresheners are like a breath of fresh air for your home; it eliminates odour and freshens the air. We get used to scents quickly, which means we eventually stop noticing the scent around us. Ambi Pur 3Volution air freshener solve this problem by automatically alternating every 45 minutes between 3 complementary, high quality scents. Use Ambi Pur 3Volution air freshener refills with the 3Volution electrical diffuser, sold separately, to fill your home with air freshness and fragrance that you will keep noticing day after day, week after week. On top of this, the adjustable diffuser also lets you decide on the intensity of the scent, helping you to create the ambiance that you want, when you want.

To keep it short and sweet, this works no better nor worse than the original Flash magic eraser. Claiming it has 'extra power' is a load of poop. It's a great product (like the original) they are fantastic for using on most surfaces... although I do prefer the cheaper alternative from Poundland (2 sponges for £1). This item rips/tears quite easy though so on some surfaces you end up with bitty sponge left over.

I mean, they are good, they get rid of stubborn marks without having to use any additional cleaning products but this 'extra power' eraser they have brought out works no different to the original they already had on the shelves. There's no difference what so ever. I'd have even been happy with a colour difference... noooope.

I'm actually baffled. 


Huge apologies for not posting many candle reviews lately. As I've had the worst hayfever I've not been able to smell much.. (super suckish!) and not only that, I've been quite wheezy with my chest due to an ongoin chest infection which keeps coming back to say hello.. I didn't feel like I could give honest and pure reviews as my nose just wasn't having any of it. Now the warmer weather is cooling off, my allergies have settled down and I've just shaken off this chest infection.

Just to finish off the warmer weather we've had this past week or so, I thought I'd pick the strongest cold throwing candle I could find before we head straight on in to autumn.


My nan and grandad brought this back from America way back in May. I think this is soy wax and this was a 2 wick candle which I completely destroyed in the making of this blog. I don't tend to burn candles these days as I don't like the flames so I usually burn tarts/votives in my electric burner. I chopped this candle up into small chunks and placed a small-ish chunk in my burner.  

Looks like a block of cheese! 
For some reason, this is such longer lasting compared to my wax tarts I usually burn. Usually I get about 2 full evenings from a wax tart and then the scent has gone, finished, kaput. This is still going strong on day 4 and I haven't noticed a huge difference in the strength of fragrance, obviously day 1 was mega strong but I have recently given my nose a rest and haven't burned anything for a while.

It filled the room within about 10 minutes, it also filled the kitchen too. It absolutely flooded the place with a gorgeous summertime scent. Mango, orange and a hint of lemon is what I can detect whilst this was burning. It's very strong, probably on par with Black Cherry ... and we all know that's one of Yankees stronger throws.

I've since heard, that this particular scent is now retired.. booo! It's such a nice fresh, fruity summer fragrance too and rates in my top 10 summer scents.

Strength of fragrance on cold throw - 10
Strength of fragrance on hot throw - 8
Would I purchase again? - Yes

I couldn't actually find a scent description online anywhere for this!

Quick blog post here... just because, it's late... and I forgot... but...





Well aware I look like a ghost..


A few awesome goodies collected doing the rounds this morning.

Rhun has a very large (and growing) duck collection... managed to get these two for 50p each. The orange one was in the box.. but Rhun didn't like it in the box!

Some more awesome bargains.... the below are all BRAND NEW... I got them all for 10p each. I think the reason for this is a lot of them are dated... and obviously software changes constantly, some of these CD's are years old, just never used. Got some cool stuff.

Me and Rhun love our Peppa Pig puzzles.. I really enjoy doing them with him. He's built up a nice collection of them now and we got this one for £2 today which I thought was very reasonable for 9 puzzles :)

 And some more Peppa Pig DVD's for 50p each :) 

Not a bad morning...

total spend....