We were feeling a little bit brave to say the least. Either that or just completely cray cray
*note.... I've recently learned that cray cray means crazy.. I'm so down with the kids now..*

I think when you take a toddler to a place like this, one of two things can happen. Either said child can throw major tantrums and have several major meltdowns purely from over excitement and stimulation or said child can be the most well behaved child you have ever seen.

Thankfully mine was the latter. I think you realise just how sensible, well mannered and grown up your toddler is when you can take them to a place full of flashing lights, musical toys and more stimulation than a funfair and they behave with impeccable manners and listen to your every word without throwing a complete hissy fit.

Rhun was so well behaved I was actually surprised, not that he's a naughty child. Just he's never really had free roam of a toy shop before and I had no idea how he was going to handle it. I have purposely taken him into toy shops daily to get him used to 'not always getting something', it sure paid off well.

I was so shocked to see just how much he recognises for his age..  all his favourite cartoon characters from TV, all those toys he sees and recognises from the TV adverts..

Pointing out all the bikes, tractors, diggers, balls, babies... It was great just to see how much he has learned recently. We did a run around in the trolley and then let him have a walk around with his reins afterwards... he loved trying out all the cars (pretty sure that was my favourite part as a kid too!).

The reason for coming wasn't to torment the child, haha... no, my nan and grandad asked what Rhun would like for christmas. I thought it was a good way to see exactly what he's into... placed in a toy shop with thousands of toys... what's the most liked toy? The toy that he runs to each time...?

Diggers and tractors are the answers there... Guess what he's getting?

So proud of his behaviour. Makes me such a proud momma. Not one tantrum when we had to leave either. Bonus. 

How super cute are these baby trollies!

Our local Boots store now has them for the children to use. Still have to use a pound coin and they are the exact same as the 'adult' trollies mummies and daddies use.. just a bit cuter.

That was... until... I let Rhun have a spin with one...


Least he enjoyed it. I guess that's worth my sanity.

P.s sorry for crashing into the display, it wasn't intentional.

Also..... couldn't get great shots.. he was off like a race horse. We only went in for baby wipes!



 I wanted to spruce up my fridge, but didn't want to spend a fortune. I purchased some wall stickers from Poundstretchers (You can pick these up in other places too) for £1.99. Although they belong on the wall, I thought these kitchen quotes would love great covering up small marks and scratches on my fridge. It was a little faffy to apply but worth it as it now matches the rest of the kitchen.

I also used left over kitchen cupboard paint to paint the 'yellowing' plastic handles... it looks so much better now and looks like it has a new lease of life. Yay... 

I decided to inject some colour into the 'bed' wall in Rhuns' bedroom.

First off I marked out some square blocks, then marked off a zig zag pattern from that and removed the middle tape. Looks so much brighter and child friendly now. I did want a gorgeous orange colour but they didn't have the one they wanted in stock so as i'm not patient I opted for a blue instead.

 That feeling when you wish you never started something... 

Still wet on here from final touch ups.. really need to get a finished picture and update fully..

Anyway, looks a tonne better than what it was before. I've now finished the other walls too but I'll update on a separate post.

Peace x

Bend and stretch, bend and stretch...
Jump and shout.. jump and shout...

Rhun absolutely loves his weekly baby ballet sessions. They are so much fun and distract him from that late morning naughtiness he sometimes gets. He loves the pom poms, the teddy bears, the soft balls... chewing on the witches wands... he loves the stickers at the end. He's like teachers pet. I love taking him there, it's so nice to see him grow in confidence and learn new skills. He's such a cheeky chappy.

Yes.. ok, not me... but Rhun will be a part of the Christmas parade. I'm so excited. less than two weeks... keep an eye out for the next blog post with lots of pictures!



That's insane, thank you all so much.. It's been incredibly hard for me these past few months, these past few weeks especially... so I appreciate the support here on my blog. 

Promise I'll blog more often from now on! 
I haven't done one of these posts for a long time now.. not that I haven't been bargain hunting.. obviously.. I just haven't had the energy nor motivation with the pain I've been in.

Anyway, look how cute this stuff is...

First up, a cute little jumper for Rhun... snow cute! £1.99 from Age UK

Snowman leggings!! £2.99... these are super thick and also from Age UK.

I'm not even sure these two jumpers have even been worn, they both smell new!

£3.99 for this super soft christmas jumper

£5.99 for this, I think this was reasonable considering condition and brand of the item. The colours are so fresh.. love this. 

Picked up this carpet shampooer too for a bargain price of £4.99 (rrp £19.99)

I'm interested to try this and see how effective it is. Full review coming soon! 


 Girl got brows... girl also got a tonne of makeup products to review..... I'm in love with these products!  Smokey eye on fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ...


The fact that I already self administer a daily treatment dose of anti coagulant says no, however all evidence points towards another DVT in my right calf.

It started about 12 hours ago, agonising pain running through my calf, a warm tender spot, not yet swollen may I add, walking was so painful, especially with a toddler in the pram and a bunch of shopping. It took me almost an hour to do a 10 minute journey. I don't mess around either, I had to stop a lot, the pressure in my calf was starting to get a little too unbearable, even for my tough little body. It was the exact pain I'd experienced right before I was diagnosed with the PE on my lung. 

I knew straight away and pointed the finger to another possible clot. I've missed 3 doses of Clexane in the past 10 days (dangerous I know..).. It wasn't intentional, not at all. I've been in absolute agony with my shoulder and back still and Rhun has been teething.. I seem to be doing nothing but crying on the floor and sleeping! 

I limped through the door and instantly called the doctor, she said although it does sound very likely to be a DVT I'm already on the recommended treatment and nothing more could be done. I guess I gotta ride this one out. Hot showers, how packs on the calf, elevation.. none of it seems to be working. I'm sat here typing this at the moment and the whole of my calf is throbbing so much that my body can't even focus to produce tears anymore. Honest. The pain is indescribable. 

I'm due at hospital tomorrow morning for physio anyway so will be seeing the consultant whilst I'm there, for a possible re-scan to see the situation. Let's see how I get on for the rest of the evening...
Ok, so it's not a real motorbike but it was a bloody good bargain! It was second hand, obviously.. who buys new these days..? And the charger for it was lost so it was purely the bike..... a fiver! I know.. bargain! He loves it and it will keep him entertained for hours...

Can we all just take ten seconds to appreciate the face pulling!!!!!!!


 I usually try and make the christmas period last as long as humanly possible. I love christmas, like sooooo much. My tree always goes up like the second week of November... and yes... it comes down like... mid year... just kidding. It comes down at some point towards the end of January. 

Rhun has been good as gold and hasn't touched the tree, he's such an angel! We now actually have three trees up since I took these pictures, 2 in the living room, so we have a small pink one too and then Rhun has a silver one in his bedroom :) God knows where I'm going to store them after but they were both bargains from charity shops! 

You might also be looking at my new living room decor... yes.. I redecorated.. again! Will do a more up to date post soon :) It sparkles and I LOVE IT!