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Fixing scabby shoes..

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm so last minute... needed white pumps for a wedding tomorrow and nowhere in town had any when I searched this morning...

I've well and truly wore the soles off these pumps but they matched my outfit perfectly. They wouldn't come very clean though with a scrub down - looked very grey and they were missing a tonne of rhinestones.

I knew I had a tray of rhinestones somewhere in the house, I just had to find them.. In the middle of trying to find them I also managed to sort out 3 bags worth of clothes to take to the charity shop - ahhhh a bit of room to move around now. You wouldn't think I've taken 5 bags of clothes to the charity shop this week... and I still can barely move in my bedroom... 

Anyway, I found um... hiding away all dusty.. grabbed some UHU glue I'd got sat in the cupboard from doing the rhinestone strips in the kitchen a few weeks ago.. 

I scrubbed the pumps with Vim - yes... I'm completely hooked with the stuff since I bought it! It's magical stuff, it brought them up like new! I left them to dry and glued the rhinestones on once they were completely dry.

CINDERELLA SHALL GO TO THE BALL.. (only cause she fixed her scabby shoes..!)

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