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Sunday, June 05, 2016

I'm pretty excited today.... 

I was going to place an order online for this pink kitchen set to match my pink kettle and toaster. I think it was around £37.99 with delivery for this six piece set which includes; a bin, soap dish, cutlery holder, cutlery drainer, draining rack and washing up bowl. I checked Facebook first thing this morning before I'd even given myself chance to wake up properly, saw these listed on our local for sale page and just had to grab them. They don't even look like they've been used, there's no scratches or marks on any of it and it's all super clean and still smells of that brand new plastic smell you get with new purchases! Bagged it for £10! WINNER! 

The same seller also had this gorgeous toy box/seat for sale too. It was only yesterday I said to myself that I needed to get Rhun a new toy box. Well it came at the right time. It was listed for £40 but I managed to get it for £25. 

Couldn't be much happier to be honest... 

P.s I'll take some updated pink kitchen pictures soon :)

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