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Where have I been!?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I've not posted much at all this week. We got back from Church on Sunday and Rhun developed a temperature, it sort of went downhill from there. His highest temperature shot up to 40.7 even though he had already been given calpol. His average temperature over the past five days has been 40.4 which is still very very high. He wasn't himself at all, I called the out of hours doctors as I couldn't get his temperature to drop whatever I tried. We had an ambulance sent out to us to check him over. 

Hours turned into days... days seemed like weeks... which ultimately seemed like months before I actually got some sleep... He was awake literally 5 nights straight with a temperature in the 40's. So exhausting. On top of all that, I developed a chest infection and managed to do my back in! I say back, we're still unsure where the pain is coming from as i'm struggling to breathe and I can't lift my arm. I had literally not slept for as long as I can remember, I couldn't get comfortable at all. 

Lots of late night Peppa Pig marathons were had... 

Getting fanned to sleep....

We were extremely unfortunate and spent the whole of yesterday afternoon at the doctors. Rhun screamed because he thought we were there for him and he was getting jabbed again - the paramedics ran a few tests and he must have remembered the doctors room from his last set of immunisations. Not cool. Screaming child with a temperature and a mum that feels like she's about to pass out from the sheer amount of pain that's coming from her shoulder/back. The doctors gave me a blood clot preventative jab in my stomach, a jab of nice strong pain relief and took three lots of bloods. Never felt so bloody bruised. I was only there having jabs on Monday! It's definitely not been our week. I think we need to do some serious catching up with sleep... 

Rhuns had a few major toddler moments this week too, because I wouldn't let him to go bed with a coat hanger or because I wouldn't let him have the money plant for dinner.. Or because I put him in his highchair for dinner... 

Who knows what's gotten into him... maybe it's because he's not been very well..

Currently sat here with an ice cold gel pack on my shoulder propping my back up with an inflatable pillow... the struggle is deadly real right now guys. Please send sympathy cards before all sanity is lost! Please, thanks! 

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