It's been a fishy weekend...

Monday, July 11, 2016

On Saturday we were booked into The Sealife Centre in Birmingham - here's a few photos of our afternoon. Rhun thought it was great! He did though, think that the penguins were 'cats'. My nan and grandad came with us and we all had such a great time. On Sunday my grandad decided that after years of not having any fish in his pond that it would be the perfect time to go and pick some new fish for it. Rhun thought that was great too! Sorry for the image quality too, I only took these on my phone as I didn't think to take my camera! 
Sorry for the lack of detail/writing on the blogs, I'm really not feeling it today :( 

Lunch afterwards....

Tired boy....

 Choosing fish for grandads pond!

The Sealife Centre was fantastic for younger kids as it allows them to get up close to the animals.... I doubt Rhun will be that close to a shark or penguin again!

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