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Another bargain pram?!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ok, I'm not even going to lie... 

I've done more pram shopping.. Intentional and not intentional. I've been trying to track down a nice umbrella fold double buggy for a few weeks now as it would come in handy when Billy (Rhuns' bestie) is over so we aren't house bound. There's only 4 days between them so both are walking and that would be pretty hard taking them both out at the same time without a double buggy if I were to have the pair of them on my own.

I hadn't seen any which I liked so when I stumbled upon this one at the car boot this morning I had to see if the owner would go any lower. She wanted £35 for it and to be fair I was playing a cheeky game as there's not a mark on it, it's in excellent condition and looks barely used. I managed to haggle down to £25... split between me and Rosie so we can both use it when minding each others kiddies... that's not a bad bloody deal...

Rhun also picked up a big (pictured) TY beanie Peppa Pig teddy too for £1.50.. with original tags on too.. that's a proppa bargain for a TY of that size! (I'm sure you collectors will know!) We also picked up a singing Peppa teddy with lights on her tummy.. Rhun has taken it to bed this evening so I couldn't picture it, he got that and a small George which he's also taken to bed for £1 for the pair of them. Another bargain...


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